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New set of objects: which version do you prefer?
  • Yellow beams can be too much color on the diagram and you can get confused with flash light or tungsten
  • White beams looks cool, but you cannot have them on a white background...
  • Grey beams might look less sexy than white ones but you can put them on nearly all background colors except light grey...

I tend to think that most people would prefer the white beams as it is more logical with flash light and having a less classy grey background wouldn't hurt so much with a nicely design grid and descent internal margins...

What do you think? Give your vote!

What color scheme do you prefer or find more useful?

The first one: white background with colored beams

29% Votes: 304

The second one: grey background and white beams

33% Votes: 347

The third one: white background and grey beams

38% Votes: 392

1043 total votes